About Watershed Affairs

Delaware County, New York’s Department of Watershed Affairs was created in 1999 to assist the NYC Watershed communities with managing watershed issues and to collaborate with state and federal agencies to resolve pollution issues of the Cannonsville and the Pepacton Reservoirs.

In part, this agency was created as a result of the 1997 Watershed Agreement, a landmark urban-rural accord that enabled New York City to obtain permission from the federal government to avoid construction of a multi-billion dollar filtration plant. The Watershed Agreement cements a close partnership between New York City and upstate communities in the Catskills and the Delaware River Basin in order to maintain water purity through sewage management, sustainable farming practices, limits on development, and other strategies.

Working with the local communities and all interested stakeholders, the Department of Watershed Affairs works to increase awareness of the New York City Watershed located within the boundaries of Delaware County and to preserve the environment and economy of the communities within the watershed.