Delaware County Action Plan

DCAPWhen New York City released its draft Watershed Rules and Regulations in September 1990, Delaware County undertook the lead role in responding to the draft on behalf of farmers in the watershed, and led the establishment and administration of the Coalition of Watershed Towns (CWT) to represent communities and residents in the watershed.


On July 21, 1997, in a landmark arrangement between New York City, New York State, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), local municipalities and environmental organizations, the New York City Watershed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed. The MOA created both contractual and regulatory obligations for NYC to maintain eligibility for Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) filtration avoidance through watershed management, without endangering the economic welfare of watershed communities.

The Delaware County Action Plan (DCAP), a locally led, multi-agency watershed collaboration was developed in 1998 and adopted by the Delaware County Board of Supervisors in September of 1999 to address the New York City Watershed Rules and Regulations.

DCAP now operates as a county wide watershed management program.The adoption of DCAP ultimately led to the formation of the Delaware County Department of Watershed Affairs.

Core Group Members