Tailwaters Stream Corridor Management Plan

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On behalf of the Upper Delaware River Tailwaters Coalition (UDRTC), the Department of Watershed Affairs received a grant from the NYS Department of State to complete a Stream Corridor Management Plan (SCMP). Watershed Affairs contracted with Friends of the Upper Delaware River (FUDR) to complete this project.  FUDR subcontracted with Trout Unlimited, Woidt Engineering, and LandStudies, Inc. for the technical support they will need to complete the plan.

In addition to the funding received from the NYS Department of State, Watershed Affairs secured funding for the Community Foundation of South Central New York.  This funding is being used to hire an additional consultant and two summer interns for the Delaware County Planning Department.  Tom Shepstone of Shepstone management, LLC, was hired to examine the existing regulatory and planning documents for each of the communities in the study area.  He analyzed the documents and pointed out where they may ultimately contradict the  SCMP, and noted where work may need to be done in order to implement the recommendations of the plans.  The interns will walk tributaries in the Tailwaters area to collect detailed information which will be incorporated into the SCMP.